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Monday, August 23, 2021

Gazan Muslims burn Jewish lands as the media is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image which serves as a justification for jihad

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Muslim Terrorists in Gaza have resumed arson attacks against Israel but you will not hear about it on the news because the mainstream media is trying to prevent damage to the narrative of the political left which always portrays Israel as "aggressor" and Palestinian Muslim terrorists as "victims".
Palestinian terrorists use helium balloons to send explosives and firebombs at Israel in an attempt to kill innocent people and burn agricultural lands, nature reserves, forests, houses, etc.
As you can see below, in recent years thousands of fires have broken out in southern Israel as an act of jihad by the terrorists in Gaza.
This acts of arson terrorism by Palestinian Muslim terrorists are not being reported so It's up to you, just click the share button.
Soon Israel will have to defend itself and retaliate, the media for sure will not ignore it...

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