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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Opinion: This is what the media does not tell you about Israel's new government

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The new coalition in Israel is made up of far-right and far-left parties, in other words the government is so fragile that in the first crisis it will collapse.
Moreover, their greatest achievement is to prove their hatred and envy of Prime Minister Netanyahu. In other words the only thing they can agree on is their desire to replace him at any cost.
So After replacing Netanyahu, what can they do for the people? The answer is nothing. Most people see this clearly.
They just proved to the people of Israel that they are weak politicians who only care about themselves and their power.
It seems that in the next election their power will be so diminished and they will disappear from the political map.
Fortunately, Benjamin Netanyahu is not going anywhere. He knows that sooner or later this circus of right-wing and far-left politicians who conspired against him will be voted out by the people.
In the next election, Benjamin Netanyahu will be stronger than ever.
This is what the media does not want you to know - please share this post throughout social media.

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