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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Shock as UN voted to arm Iran's terror regime despite threats of genocide against the Jewish state

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The UN Security Council including countries like Britain and France voted against the US and lifted the arms embargo on Iran.
This shameful UN resolution by Russia, China and allegedly civilized western European countries like Britain and France would allow Iran to buy fighter jets, attack choppers, tanks, submarines and missiles with a range of up to 300 km.
Let us not forget the war crimes of the Iranian terrorist regime and its metastases (Shiite militias) in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza and Afghanistan which consistently carry out terrorist acts against the USA, Israel and allies of the West.
In November 2019 Iran massacred more than 1,500 protesters on the streets of Iran who took to the streets to protest against the Iranian terrorist regime which exploits Iran’s welfare to fund terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas in countries all over the Middle East.
Once again the UN is proven to be a useless organization which serves the interests of terrorist states and terrorist organizations.
Unfortunately Britain literally betrayed Israel and the US and puts the lives of Americans and Israelis in danger.
From France it was not surprising as the French left-wing regime always sides with Iran and Muslim terrorists against Israel.
In response to the shameful UN resolution the US Secretary of State issued the following statement:
"Today is an historic day. After vigorous diplomatic outreach by President Donald J. Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Emirati Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed have signed an agreement to fully normalize relations between their two great nations."
The Israeli Prime Minister issued the following statement:
"The decision of the UN Security Council not to renew the arms embargo on Iran is scandalous. Iranian terrorism and aggression threaten the peace of the region and the entire world. Instead of opposing weapons sales, the UNSC is encouraging them".