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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Shock as Trump moves to formally withdraw US from the Corrupt World Health Organization

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President Donald Trump has formally moved to withdraw the US from the World Health Organization (WHO).
The president had made his intentions clear after revealing that the WHO of is under China's control in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
The U.S. has submitted its withdrawal notification to the United Nations secretary-general, the official said. Withdrawal requires a year's notice, so it will not go into effect until July 6, 2021.
Since Trump took office, he has cut hundreds of millions of dollars in US aid to the United Nations and cut all ties with a large number of UN agencies and councils including: UN's Palestinian agency (UNRWA), the UN's cultural agency (UNESCO), UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR).
The UN is a threat to world peace - the corrupt international organization elected countries like Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria and Qatar as senior members of the Human Rights Council.
Trump is right, the UN's corruption, bias, and low moral standard have reached a new low.
It's time for Western countries to completely defund the UN.