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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Iran's regime has shot dead 1500 protesters, Including children, dumped the bodies to the river to hide its crimes

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Close to 1,500 protesters are said to have been murdered in what marks the bloodiest Crime against humanity of the Iranian regime since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 (when 30000 political prisoners were executed).
According to the Trump administration and human rights organizations, dozens of children have been killed and hundreds of women.
Reports and videos on social media indicate that the Iranian regime is abandoning the bodies of slain Iranian protesters near villages, and in rivers and dams in western and southwestern Iran.
Thousands of people were injured during clashes against the Iranian terrorist regime, the Iranian people fed up with the corrupt rulers who exploit the wealth of the Iranian people to fund terrorist organizations throughout Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Ramallah, Iraq, etc.
Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad alone received billions of dollars from Iran and were armed with hundreds of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel.