Thursday, June 4, 2020

Teenage Afghan rape victim shot in the face by her elderly husband

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Canada has come to the rescue of a child rape victim whose husband nearly killed her. Shakila Zareen was just a teenager when the man she was forced to marry, shot her in the face after she reported his constant rape and abuse to the police. Zareen survived and ended up in India with her mother and younger sister.
The video below gives a small glimpse into the brutal lives of millions of underage girls in Afghanistan, which is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
130 countries including Western countries voted to elect Afghanistan to the UN Human Rights Council, the same country where child marriage, forced marriage, honor killings and Domestic violence are social norms.
Afghanistan is among the worst women's rights violators in the world, and has no place on the UN Human Rights Council. Western countries must cut their foreign aid to the corrupt United Nations.