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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Iranian father smashed his daughter's skull with an axe in so called "honor killing"

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As you can see in the embedded report below, according to a US-based Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, Reyhaneh Ameri, 22, was killed on June 15, 2020, by her Muslim father for coming home late. The father of Reyhaneh admitted to killing his daughter with an axe before moving the corpse to a nearby desert.
According to estimates nearly 30% of Iranian murder cases are ‘Honor Killings’.
Every year women and girls all over the Asia and Africa are burned, beaten, or stabbed to death by family members because they are seen as having transgressed social codes of "honor."
According to Islamic tradition, the "honor" of the entire family is measured by women's behavior. Any action that may be perceived as harming the family's honor may cost the woman her life. In other words, a woman is required not only to obey Islam including its strict codes of modesty but also to completely obey her male guardians (husband, father, brother and even uncle).