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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Palestinian terrorist murdered Israeli Jew in Islam's name -Media is silent to avoid damaging to Palestinians' victim image

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First Sgt. Amit Ben-Yigal, 21, died after being struck in the face by a large stone thrown from a rooftop by Palestinian Muslim terrorist while taking part in an anti-terror mission in the village of Ya’bad with his elite Golani Brigade reconnaissance unit.
This is a direct result of incitement to terrorism by the Palestinian leadership (Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Palestinian Authority), which uses Islam as a justification for the murder of Jews.
The Palestinian Authority openly uses foreign aid from Western countries including UK, France and Germany to pay salaries to every Muslim terrorist & family members of suicide bombers who murdered Jews as an act of jihad.
According to the Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), “the PA has admitted to spending no less than 517.4 million shekels ($149.7 million/€136 million) paying salaries to terrorist prisoners and released prisoners in 2019.”
Every civilized country must cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terrorism.
Western countries should designate the PA as a terrorist organization.

IDF soldier Sgt. Amit Ben Yigal (21), was killed tonight during an operation to arrest terrorists near Jenin in Samaria,...

Posted by Hananya Naftali on Tuesday, May 12, 2020