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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pakistani man threatens to kill his 16-year-old wife who is 9 months pregnant

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This report (embedded below) examines Forced Marriages in Pakistan, by telling the story of Zahida Minhas, a 16-year old girl who is 9 months pregnant.
Zahida was sold into a forced marriage by her mother. As Zahida's delivery date rapidly approaches, she fears that her "husband" will find and kill her, while her mother, threatens to take the baby.
This is how women and girls are treated under Sharia laws in Pakistan which is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Pakistan, Afghanistan and Qatar gained membership at the Human Rights Council, Countries where violence against women is at an alarming level. Women of all ages are enduring brutal physical and sexual abuse in their own homes.
In most Islamic countries there are no laws protecting women's rights, or banning child marriages.
According to Islamic tradition, the "honor" of the entire family is measured by women's behavior. Any action that may be perceived as harming the family's honor may cost the woman her life. In other words, a woman is required not only to obey Islam including its strict codes of modesty but also to completely obey her male guardians (husband, father, brother and even uncle).