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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Saudi Cleric on TV says wife must obey her husband even if it might kills her

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Saudi cleric Abd Al-Aziz Al-Fawzan on Al-Majd TV says Husbands Should Put Up with Their Wives' Slips and Errors, Because the Twisted Nature of Women Stems from Their Very Creation.
He also says women must obey their husbands even if it could kill her and their children. As you can see in the video below he says: This is why the Prophet said: 'When a man calls his wife to fulfill his needs, she must go to him, even if she is busy with the oven'. Imagine this: There is fire in the oven, and she wants to bake bread. But even if she's busy with this work that cannot be neglected, when he calls her, she must leave the oven and go to her husband. Another hadith says: "She must go to him, even if she is on the back of a camel." She must go to him, even if she is riding."
In other words, even if the house catches fire while family is inside and everyone may die, she has no choice but to obey her husband and let it happen.