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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Muslim leader on TV calls to kill every man, woman & child of Jewish descent

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Hamas, Islamic Jihad and PLO use the media to promote genocide of Jews.
As you can see in the video below, Palestinian Muslim leaders in their own words say the Middle East conflict will end when all Jews are exterminated in the name of Islam.
They use religion to promote war against Israel and the Jewish people.
Western states are helping the Palestinian leadership advance this agenda by donating billions of dollars as foreign aid.
The UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and other Western countries donate billions of dollars to the Palestinians each year.
If you've ever wondered why there is no peace in the Middle East, this video will give you the answer.
The media in the West is turning a blind eye to this radical Islamic rhetoric to avoid damaging the image of Islam.
Jews no longer exist in most parts of the Middle East, they were ethnically cleansed by Arab-Muslims.
Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and many other Arab countries banned the entry of Jews under the law.
Christian minorities are facing the same fate as persecution of Christians throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa has reached levels of genocide.