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Monday, April 13, 2020

Jordanian MP on TV urges rape victims to marry their rapists or face adultery charges

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Jordanian MP Mahmoud Al-Kharabshe defends Jordan's law forcing rape victims to marry the rapists in order to avoid criminal charges: "It Is in the Rape Victim's Best Interest to Be Married off to Her Rapist" -He said during a TV interview (video embedded below).
Jordan is considered a moderate Muslim state but its laws do not protect women's and children's rights.
Throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa in countries where Sharia laws and Hadith are practiced, rape is considered the woman's fault and "shame" to the whole family family of the victims.
Under Sharia law rape or extramarital sex is considered zina which is punished by one hundred lashes and stoning to death.
In the Arab-Muslim world rape victims are often executed on charges of adultery or even murdered by their families in what is described as "honor killing".
This is a clear violation of human rights. Western countries must impose sanctions on Jordan.