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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Arab-Muslim leader on TV threatens to strangle to death 6,000,000 Jews to fight coronavirus outbreak

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This is Yahya Sinwar, the current Head of the Hamas terror group. In 1988, he masterminded the abduction and murder of two Israeli soldiers, for which he was arrested, convicted and received four life sentences. Sinwar was released in 2011 as part of a prisoner exchange after serving 22 years of his sentence. Now, he is threatening that if Israel doesn't send more ventilators to Gaza, "we'll take them by force and stop the breathing of 6 million Israelis." Of one thing you can be certain - any medical supplies and equipment sent to Gaza have and will be reserved for the favoured terrorist friends of this vile terrorist group that rules Gaza with an iron fist. Ordinary Gazans will be left to fend for themselves, as they have been for the past 13 years.
The Mainstream media is turning a blind eye to the war crimes of the terrorist organizations in Gaza (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) over fear of damaging the image of Islam in the West. Palestinian leaders use Islam as justification for terrorist attacks and killing of innocent Jews.