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Sunday, April 12, 2020

13-year-old boy on Palestinian TV praises his father who murdered 35 Jews

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Watch: Al-Sayid, planner of suicide bombings that killed 35, celebrated on Palestinian TV.
PA TV's For You program visited the house of terrorist Abbas Al-Sayid on his 47th birthday. The camera focuses on a photograph of Al-Sayid.
As you can see in the video below His wife, his sister, and son were interviewed and praised the killing of innocent Jews in the name of Islam.
Al-Sayid's son said: "Whenever I am asked 'Whose son are you?' I say with all the pride in the world that I am Abbas Al-Sayid's son, and I am very proud of you, Father. You are a lion, and you are a hero."
This is what the Palestinians teach their children.
Have you ever wondered how Palestinian leaders of the terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and PLO encourage so many Muslims including women and children to carry out terrorist attacks against innocent Jews?
They use TV channels, schools, kindergartens, summer camps and mosques to spread a radical Islamic ideology according to which the killing of Jews is an act of worship.
The video below gives a small example of incitement on Palestinian TV channels.