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Monday, March 2, 2020

Watch: Pro-Palestinians in the US Call for the Genocide of Jews

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A shocking video that went viral shows how pro Palestinians took to the streets of Washington DC to protest against Jews.
As you can see, while waving Palestinian flag, one of the protesters called for a second Holocaust to burn Jews.
"The Holocaust will come back to you... You're going to get burned if you don't give us the land!... Hitler will come back! Burned, all of you!"
This is the direct result of the BDS movement that is gaining momentum in the West.
They claim to be "anti-Zionists" but in reality they are Jewish.
Everything that starts against Israel ends against the Jews.
Even in US-Congress there are some members who are trying to normalize and promote the "BDS" ideology of hatred against the Jewish state. These people in Congress who claim to be pro-Palestinians don't really care about peace, all they do is promote hate against Israel.