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Friday, March 20, 2020

Watch: Palestinian children learn to shoot & kill Jews at UN-funded summer camps

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A video that went viral shows how terrorist organizations in Gaza (Hamas and Islamic Jihad) utilize the foreign aid of United Nations (UNRWA) and the European Union to train a whole generation of child soldiers as a preparation for war against Israel.
An estimated 10,000 children are trained in Gazan terrorist camps each year, while at least 160 have died digging terror tunnels into Israel. As you can see in the video below posted by human rights organizations, Palestinian children are introduced to jihad in schools, kindergartens, summer camps, mosques and TV channels.
They are brainwashing children to kill Jews and be killed in the name of their religion. This madness must stop. Please share this post all over social networks to raise awareness of the brutal child rights violations by Palestinian terrorist organizations (Hamas, PIJ and PLO).