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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Syrian woman says husband tried to beat her to death for refusing to be second wife

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Video of battered Syrian wife raises issue of domestic violence in Bahrain. In video below, Syrian woman pleads for help after her husband nearly beat her to death for refusing to allow him to marry another woman.
Women's rights, Children's rights and minority rights are violated on a daily basis throughout Asia and Africa in countries where Sharia laws are considered a social norm and child marriage, forced marriage, domestic violence and honor killings are commonplace.
Following the civil war in Syria, crimes against humanity are being committed all over the Arab-Muslim world targeting Syrian women and girls who aspired to start a new life but instead were pushed into slavery, poverty and treated as property.
Thousands of underage Syrian girls have been forcibly sold to wealthy Arab men all over the Middle East including Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.
Instead of helping the Syrian people, Arab countries use refugees as slaves.
As you can see in both videos below, Syrian women and girls are being forced into marriage and treated worse than animals.
Where are all human rights activists in the West? Why is the UN, EU & ICC silent?