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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Rape victim stoned to death by her father & Islam's worshipers after being accused of adultery

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The video below gives a small glimpse of the brutal violation of women's rights under Sharia laws. The same laws that are being practiced all over Asia and Africa in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.
This report by CBS Evening News reveals how ISIS executed a girl accused of adultery.
In countries where Sharia laws and Hadith are practiced, rape is considered the woman's fault and "shame" to the whole family of the victims.
Under Sharia law rape or extramarital sex is considered zina which is punished by one hundred lashes and stoning to death.
In the Arab-Muslim world rape victims are often murdered by their own family members on "charges" of adultery in so called "honor killing" in order to save the family honor.