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Sunday, March 29, 2020

ISIS terrorist on Iraqi TV admits he raped Yazidi & Christian girls for being "infidels"

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Watch: Former Yazidi Slave Girl Confronts Captured ISIS Terrorist Who Had Held Her Captive, Violently Raped Her When She Was 14.
On November 26, 2019, Al-Iraqiya Network (Iraq) aired a report about Ashwaq Haji Hamid, a Yazidi girl who had been held captive by ISIS, and Abu Humam, the ISIS terrorist who had held her captive and brutally raped her.
he described how Abu Humam selected her and violently raped her several times a day. Abu Humam, who has since been captured and is being held by Iraqi intelligence services, was also interviewed, and he described how he was given Hamid as a slave girl after casting lots with other ISIS members, how he raped her and beat her several times a day.
Western countries must revoke the citizenship of any terrorist who joined ISIS.