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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

British parliament shocked by Palestinians sending their own children to kill Jews

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During a heated debate in the British parliament one after another MPs condemned the Palestinian Authority, which uses British foreign aid to promote and glorify murder of Jews.
The Palestinian Authority named schools after Muslim terrorists and Nazi collaborators who murdered thousands of Jews.
Please watch and share the videos below.
The Palestinian Authority not only introduces children to jihad in schools, kindergartens and summer camps, but also rewards terrorists who murder Jews.
All this terrorist activity is promoted at the expense of British taxpayers.
The Palestinian Authority, which receives foreign aid from Western countries, has a long-standing policy of paying salaries to terrorists and families of suicide bombers who murdered Jews.
The more they kill, the more money they get.
According to the Israeli NGO Pal Media Watch (PMW), the Palestinian Authority squanders at least 750,000,000 shekels ($215,158,642/€190,633,612) EVERY YEAR rewarding terrorists.
In 2018 the US cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority.
The UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and all other civilized country must follow the US and stop funding the Palestinians.