Sunday, March 1, 2020

BBC interviews Pakistan's executioner who kills Christians for blasphemy & rape victims for adultery

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There are currently believed to be almost ten thousand people on death row in Pakistan. Dozens are executed every month. The hangman responsible for the executions in Pakistan is Sabir Massih. He spoke to the BBC's Pakistan correspondent Shaimaa Khalil and told her he came from generations of hangmen.
In Pakistan, which is well known for its barbaric blasphemy laws, Christians are often falsely accused of blasphemy. Christians often walk on eggshells to avoid such charges, since once they’re levied, no Christians are safe — even the families of the accused.
In 2016, the UK government gave £463 million in foreign aid to Pakistan, with as many as 235,000 Pakistani families receiving £34.50 on pre-paid cards to spend however they like.
Every year Islamites in Pakistan rioting the streets over false rumors of "blasphemy". They indiscriminately murder Christians & Hindus burn their churches & temples and force minorities to convert to Islam or leave the country.
Britain, Canada and Australia must follow President Trump and cut all their foreign aid to Pakistan.