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Sunday, March 8, 2020

American veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was stabbed to death by Muslim terrorist in Israel

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US Army veteran Taylor Force, who was killed by a Palestinian Muslim terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa Port in March 2016.
9 others Innocent people were stabbed including Taylor's wife, who was in critical condition.
The Palestinian Authority, which receives foreign aid from Western countries, has a long-standing policy of paying salaries to terrorists and families of suicide bombers who murdered Jews.
According to the Israeli NGO Pal Media Watch (PMW), the Palestinian Authority has paid more than $21,000 to the terrorist family who murdered Taylor Force.
Research of PMW shows the PA squanders at least 750,000,000 shekels ($215,158,642/€190,633,612) EVERY YEAR rewarding terrorists.
The U.S. Congress put an end to this madness and cut off all US foreign aid to the Palestinians.
The Taylor Force Act is an Act of the U.S. Congress to stop American economic aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until the PA ceases paying stipends to Muslim terrorists who commit acts of terrorism and to the families of deceased terrorists.
The UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and all other civilized country must follow the US and stop funding the Palestinians.