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Thursday, March 19, 2020

65,000 women in Germany have been subjected to female genital mutilation

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According to the women's rights organization Terres des Femmes, as many as 65,000 women living in Germany have been subjected to female genital mutilation. As you can see in the video below One affected woman who has joined the growing call for an end to the practice shared her story.
When you hear about FGM you immediately think of Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza and Arab or Muslim countries throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa where Sharia laws are considered a social norm.
Not many people know this, but this practice is becoming widespread throughout the West in countries such as the United Kingdom and even Australia.
It is a common belief among immigrants the FGM prevents women from developing sexual needs, but in practice it is a life sentence of suffering or even death.
Babies and young girls are at risk of bleeding to death or developing a life-threatening infection. Please watch and share the video below.