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Thursday, March 5, 2020

14-year-old Christian Girl raped, forced to convert & marry the Muslim rapist in Pakistan

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Non-Muslim minorities are under attack in Pakistan.
Abduction and forced conversions to Islam are unfortunately common for religious minorities in Pakistan. A recent survey shows that nearly 1,100 women from Pakistan's Christian and Hindu communities are abducted, raped and forcibly converted to Islam every year.
Non-Muslim girls, mostly Hindus and Christians even minors, like this girl, Huma Younas – are abducted, raped, forcibly converted and forced to marry their own abductors.
The Pakistani police and the authorities allow this type of practice as part of institutional persecution of non-Muslims.
As you can see in the embedded post below, 14-year-old Christian girl Huma Younas was abducted in Karachi, Pakistan on October 10 2019, forcibly converted to Islam and forced to marry her own Muslim abductor, Abdul Jabbar. Her Parents are being threatened by her abductor “If you don’t stop trying to find your daughter, we will accuse you of blasphemy.”