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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Watch: British Imam tells kids to reject British culture & values, "Practice Sharia law instead"

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A shocking video which went viral shows a Muslim preacher telling kids they should reject the British way of life under which men want to "sleep" with their mothers, sisters & girlfriends.
As you can see in the video below one Muslim boy suggested to kill the man who targets Muslim women, everyone in the room laughed as if killing is a joke.
The Imam then told the Muslim children to practice polygamy to marry a number of women even though it is against the law in the UK.
They first talk about women as if they are defenseless, then they talk about marrying 4 women or having 10 girlfriends as if women are just property.
This rhetoric has no place in civilized society!
In most countries that practice Sharia law under the Male guardians policy, women are not allowed to get a job, Education, or even leave the house or receive medical treatment without the approval of the male guardian (father, husband, brother or uncle).
This practice has no place in the Western world!