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Friday, February 14, 2020

Iranian police arrest, imprison, flog and shave the heads of women for not wearing a proper hijab

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Under Iranian strict modesty laws women are not allowed to dance, sing, show their hair in public or even leave home without the permission of the "male guardian".
It is well known that Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims and women's rights activities.
Every woman in Iran who wears "Inappropriate" veil gets up to 100 lashes and often forced to have her head shaved as long as she has not been part of a protest or campaign against the regime which in this case the women are sentenced to decades in prison.
In the last year alone dozens of women who refused to wear Islamic veil in Iran were arrested and imprisoned, most of whom received more than 15 years' jail sentences.
In order to raise awareness of the brutal violation of women's rights in Iran, a human rights activist who escaped from Iran uploaded this video (embedded below) to social media in which she shaves her hair just like her friend who is imprisoned in Iran was forced to have her head shaved "for wearing her Hijab improperly".
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ইরানিয়ান মেয়ে from Free Watch on Vimeo.