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Sunday, February 2, 2020

India: Muslim gang burns non-Muslim alive as an act of jihad - The media is silent

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A Dalit youth, Dhaniram Ahirwar, was attacked and burnt by a mob of Muslim men in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh.
Before the incident happened on January 14 in Dharmashree area
Dhaniram Ahirwar had lodged a complaint with the Motinagar police station in Sagar against the Muslim gang, saying that his life is under threat after months of harassment, but police took no action to protect him.
It is alleged that around 15 to 20 persons from the Muslim community were involved in this crime but only 2-3 have been arrested.
As you can see in the tweet below, many people have taken to social media to express Outrage that the media is seemingly silent In order to prevent rising tension between the communities.