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Monday, February 17, 2020

Hundreds of Iranian women are being held in regime death camps - being raped until their last breath

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During 2019, Iran massacred more than 1500 unarmed protesters, including at least 400 women and dozens of children.
More than 7,000 protesters were arrested and are detained in Revolutionary Guards torture camps.
Among those imprisoned in Iran's torture camps are hundreds of women imprisoned for their protests against gender apartheid in Iran.
Under Iranian strict modesty laws women are not allowed to dance, sing, show their hair in public or even leave home without the permission of the "male guardian".
It is well known that Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims and women's rights activities.
Every woman in Iran who wears "inappropriate" veil gets up to 100 lashes and often forced to have her head shaved as long as she has not been part of a protest or campaign against the regime which in this case the women are sentenced to decades in prison.
According to reports from Iran, many protesters die in prisons after months of torture. There is no protection for prisoners in Iran. Women and children suffer the most as they are subjected to consistent rape by Revolutionary Guards agents.
Only recently has it been reported that Mehran Alipour, an Iranian protester who was arrested last November has died after weeks of severe torture. Every bone in his body was broken.
This is what happens to any opponent of a regime held in the Iranian prison.
Shockingly, the UN is not only ignoring these crimes of the Iranian terror regime but also legitimizing the terrorist regime.
On March 2019 the Islamic Republic of Iran was appointed to the UN Women's rights committee that judges complaints of women's rights violations.
According to UN, the violations that Iran will judge include:
• Stereotypical attitudes towards role of women.
• Violation of women's rights defenders' freedom of expression & assembly • Deaths & torture of women in custody.
• Impunity for violations of human rights of women.
This madness must stop.
Western states must withdraw from the United Nations and to expel Iranian diplomats and ambassadors in order to force the Ayatollah regime to stop the oppression of Iran's people.