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Friday, February 14, 2020

American Imam calls for jihad and Sharia law in America

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A shocking video that went viral on social media shows how U.S. agencies are turning a blind eye to the rampant incitement of Islamist imam advocating for segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims while promoting the ideology of jihad.
This dangerous rhetoric has no place in the Western civilized world.
Over the past few years, thousands of Muslims from the West have moved to the Middle East to join terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Al Qaeda. These organizations have committed crimes against humanity especially against non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East.
The video below was shared by journalist Amy Mek with the following description:
"...Threat Alert! This is Rashida Tlaib's District...
American Imam, Ahmad Musa Jibril, lives in Michigan & has groomed ISIS terrorists throughout the world but is beyond FBI's reach?
Jibril is a U.S. citizen of Palestinian descent who holds a DEGREE in ISLAMIC law from S. Arabia..."