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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Watch: Palestinian TV channel teaches children to slaughter Jews in the name of Islam

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Ever wonder why the average age of terrorists trying to kill Jews in Israel has dropped sharply in recent years?
Please watch the video below from a Palestinian children's program which was broadcasted on Hamas channel.
The Palestinian leadership uses Islamic propaganda to promote terrorist attacks against Jews. They introduce children to jihad in schools, kindergartens, TV channels and mosques.
Western countries that donate billions of dollars each year to the Palestinians are turning a blind eye to the brutal violation of children's rights that are being introduced to jihad from a very young age.
In calendar year 2018, the Trump Administration has significantly cut funding for the Palestinians including $231.532 million economic assistance and $424.3 million to UNRWA (UN agency in Gaza and Ramallah).
Every civilized country must cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority, which finances terrorism.