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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

UN shocked as Israeli ambassador attacks Iran's rulers who executed 14-year-old girl

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During a powerful speech in the UN Security Council Israel's ambassador strongly condemned the Iranian terror regime over the mass slaughter of protesters last November. 1500 people were killed including hundreds of women and dozens of children.
As you can see in the embedded post below, in a series of tweets on Twitter, the Israeli ambassador called out the crimes of the Iranian terror regime.
"...Today, I address the Iranian people - a people with an incredibly rich history & heritage, that Israel considers a partner in building a better future in the region. Unfortunately, they are ruled by a regime that remains the biggest threat to peace & security in the region.
It is incredible to think of the great contrast between your rich history and your current regime. While the Islamic Republic is doing all that it can to silence your voice, you stand strong and proud.
I say today to the Iranian people “Israel is on your side!"
Allow me to share with you one story of the brave Iranian people. Nikta Esfandani had the courage to join the protests and fight for her future. Tragically, in November, she was shot and killed by the regime. She was 14 years old. The regime has tried to cover up her death.
The int'l community must empower the Iranian people. Israel sees them as partners for a more prosperous future in the Middle East. We must not allow their voices to be silenced by internet shutdowns, imprisonment and death.We must continue to apply more pressure on the regime!..."