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Friday, January 10, 2020

Palestinian female leader glorifies mass killings of Jews including children & encourages Palestinian women to engage in terrorism

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In a shocking interview on Palestinian TV Politicians of the Palestinian ruling party (PLO) praised female terrorist Dalal Mughrabi who hijacked a bus & murdered 37 civilians (12 children).
On the March 11 anniversary of the most lethal attack in Israel’s history, the Coastal Road massacre in which 37 civilians were murdered, among them 12 children, members of Fatah’s Central Committee praised the female terrorist who led the attack, Dalal Mughrabi, as a role model for Palestinians. As the anniversary of the attack coincides with International Women’s Day on March 8, some Fatah leaders emphasized the female terrorist’s importance as an example for women in particular.
Please watch and share the video below.
Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority (PLO).