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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Massive escalation: Israel bombs the hell out of Hamas in response to Muslims trying to kill Israelis using bombs & helium balloons

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01/26/2020 - Gaza's terrorists are using shocking tactics in an attempt to murder innocent Israelis.
In response to the war crimes by Muslim terrorists in Gaza, the IDF launched a widespread attack against Hamas terror targets.
As you can see in the embedded tweet below, an IDF spokesman released the following statement:
"We just struck Hamas targets in #Gaza, after a series of balloons with explosives attached to them were launched from Gaza into #Israel.
We will continue operating against attempts to harm Israeli civilians."
Over the past week Hundreds clusters of helium balloons carrying explosive devices and bombs were launched from the Gaza Strip by Muslim terrorists and landed in southern Israel.
Over the past few years, Muslims in Gaza have been using kites and helium balloons to launch incendiary materials into Israel, causing more than 2,500 fires in agricultural areas and forests in Israel.
Now they are launching bombs In an attempt to murder innocent Israeli civilians, but the media is silent to avoid damaging the image of Islam which is used by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to justify their war crimes against the Jewish people.
Please share this post all over social networks to raise awareness of the crimes against humanity committed by terrorists in Gaza against Israel.