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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Watch: Rain of Rockets over Israel sends millions into shelters - Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image

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A shocking video that went viral on social media shows the reality of daily life for hundreds of thousands of Israelis within rocket range of terrorists in the Gaza Strip.
During the last round of fighting on November 12-14, 2019, Islamic Jihad launched more than 500 missiles at civilian targets in Israel.
As you can see in the video below it was a Rain of Rockets over the skies of Ashkelon, an Israeli city with a population of 132,000.
Fortunately, most missiles were intercepted by the Iron Dome Missile Defense System.
Over the past year, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have consistently fired missiles at civilian targets in Israel in violation of the ceasefire.
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are Islamic terrorist organisation, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
Under international law, every rocket fired from Gaza into Israel is a double war crime — one for targeting Israeli civilians, another for doing so inside or next to civilian homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, which uses civilians as human shields.