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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Watch: Palestinian kids on TV Call for Jihad Against Jews "Death for Allah Is Our Dream"

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Woman: "The following clip will illustrate the Palestinian childhood of the [Hamas] Islamic Association's kindergartens."
[Young children are shown wearing military uniforms and carrying rifles. Some wear masks and suicide vests. The children are shown marching in formation, crawling on the ground, jumping over obstaces, and shouting slogans.] Children chant: "Jihad! Allah Akbar! Your role model? The Prophet [Muhammad]. Your path? Jihad! Your aspiration? Death for Allah. Your movement? Hamas! Your movement? Hamas!"
Most of the children in this video are now senior Hamas fighters.
Hamas literally trains child soldiers to be its future terrorists.
All this happens as Western countries donate billions of dollars to Gaza to help promote this barbaric culture.
Please share this video all over social media.
Australia, Canada, UK and EU Members should cut all foreign aid to the Palestinians.