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Thursday, November 21, 2019

US Students shocked as terror group that killed hundreds of Jews, embraced on their campus

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Watch: A horrifying video from Butler University campus showing students waving a PFLP terrorist organization flag responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews.
This is another attempt by pro-Palestinian students to terrorize Jews.
It's deeply troubling that we've reached the point where Jews hide their identity on U.S. composts but no one in Mainstream media seems to care.
The "Pro-Palestinian" trend among the leftists and Islamists in Europe & the US constitute fertile ground for manifestations of anti-Semitism.
The latest strategy employed by those who wish to strangle Israel is called BDS. It may sound harmless, but do not be fooled. It stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.
BDS is a disgusting movement that managed to unite all anti-semites and haters of Israel of all colors, religions and cultures under one roof.
Here is a partial list of terrorist attacks perpetrated by the PFLP against innocent Jews, please share this post to raise awareness of the attempt by pro-Palestinian students to justify and glorify terror against Jews:

Jul 22, 1968 - Rome, Italy: The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) carries out first hijacking, diverting an El Al flight to Algiers. 32 Jewish passengers were held hostage for 5 weeks.

Apr 11, 1974 - Kiryat Shemona, Israel | 18 killed, 8 of whom were children, by PFLP terrorists who detonated their explosives during a failed rescue attempt by Israeli authorities.

May 30, 1972 - Lod airport: 26 killed and 78 wounded after PFLP and Japanese Red Army terrorists open fire in the passenger terminal.
Sep 5, 1972 - Munich, Germany

Aug 11, 1976 - Istanbul, Turkey: 4 killed and 20 wounded by PFLP and Japanese Red Army terrorists in an attack at Istanbul airport.