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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Palestinian mother of dead terrorist threatens to wear explosive belt and kill Jews

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Mother of Islamic Jihad's terrorist leader went to Live TV to praise her terrorist son for firing hundreds of missiles at Jews.
As you can see in the video below she calls on the terrorist organizations in Gaza to bomb Tel Aviv and even threatens to be a suicide bomber.
“I call on Palestinian Islamic Jihad to bomb Tel Aviv. If they do not do it, I will strap a bomb and do it myself” - she said.
As an act of self-defense Israel has eliminated the head of the Islamic Jihad terror organization in Gaza.
IDF spokesperson released the following statement:
"BREAKING: We just targeted Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza, Baha Abu Al Ata.
Al Ata was directly responsible for hundreds of terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers.
His next attack was imminent. #JihadEnough..."
Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are Islamic terrorist organisation, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
Under international law, every rocket fired from Gaza into Israel is a double war crime — one for targeting Israeli civilians,
another for doing so inside or next to civilian homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, which uses civilians as human shields.