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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Iran's supreme leader says education is the enemy of Islam "Education is an American weapon"

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A video that went viral on social media shows a Iran's supreme leader explaining why Iranians must reject innovation, science and education because of it's an American influence against Iran's Islamic regime.
Sharia law has indeed taken Iran back to the Stone Age, women cannot sing, dance or even show their hair in public.
Women do not have autonomy over their own bodies, they live under the permission of their father or husband and can not receive medical treatment without male approval.
Often Iranian girls at a very young age are being forced into marriagee as if they were a piece of property.
Please share this video all over social media.
The terrorist regime brutally violates women's rights, minority rights, and brutally persecutes LGBT people, these sectors represent a majority in Iran's population. The Iranian regime represents a minority of the Iranian people who Implement discriminatory & strict religious laws and enforce gender apartheid.