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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Iran, where drinking wine is punished by death - This year, 173 people had been executed by July

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As you already know, Iran is one of the countries where alcohol is illegal.
As part of the application of Sharia law after the Islamic Revolution, any alcohol or drug use is punishable by death.
Jalil Mohebbi, the secretary of a religious watchdog office in Iran, stated that since the 1979 Revolution, 15,000 people have been executed in the Islamic Republic over drug related crimes, Radio Farda reported on Sunday.
According to Amnesty, in 2018 Iran was only second to China in terms of numbers of executions, with 253 people killed. This year, 173 people had been executed by July.
Many tourists risk their lives simply by traveling to Iran.
Iran treats tourists the same as locals, all obliged to abide by the strict religious laws.