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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Iran: Injured protesters are thrown to die on the street after being denied treatment by hospitals

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A US-based Iranian human rights activist reveals a most brutal human rights violation by the Iranian terrorist regime against protesters who flooded the streets.
As you can see in the embedded posts below, Iranian hospitals throw wounded people into the street and leave them to die at home as Iranian Revolutionary Guards patrol the hospitals and kidnap the wounded protesters to secretly execute them.
Until now hundreds of people have been killed, the number remains confidential by the terrorist authorities in Iran.
Thousands of people were injured during clashes against the Iranian terrorist regime, the Iranian people fed up with the corrupt rulers who exploit the wealth of the Iranian people to fund terrorist organizations throughout Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Ramallah, Iraq, etc.
Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad alone received billions of dollars from Iran and were armed with hundreds of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel.
The terrorist regime has blocked Internet access to prevent the world from seeing its crimes, let's be the voice of the Iranian people, please share this post across social networks.