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Monday, October 14, 2019

Watch: Egyptian leader praises Hitler for supporting Palestine by "What He Did to the Jews"

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Watch: Egyptian Researcher Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby: We Should Erect a Statue of Hitler Because of What He Did to the Jews.
Egyptian researched Mohamed Gad El-Zoghby was asked in a February 9, 2019 interview on Safa TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt) who was worse: Adolf Hitler or Imam Khomeini. He answered: “Objectively speaking, Hitler wins. But as far as we’re concerned, we should erect a statue of Hitler for what he did to the Jews.” El-Zoghby accused Imam Khomeini of collaborating with the Jews and praised Hitler for supporting the Arab cause in Palestine. El-Zoghby is a researcher and a poet. He has a master’s degree in shari’a and law from Ain Shams University.
This TV show is considered normal throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world.
Is this what a religion of peace looks like?