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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

US Ambassador to the UN has had enough with the hypocrisy of the pro-Hamas security council

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In a post (Embedded below) that went viral on social media U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft slams the Security Council, which has consistently condemned Israel but ignored the war crimes of Islamic terrorist organizations in Gaza.
She wrote the following:
#UNSC discussion on the #MiddleEast:
Hamas is one of the primary obstacles to peace for three reasons.
1. They blatantly ignore democratic principles, beating protestors and detaining organizers and journalists. I condemn this behavior, and we all should.
2. Hamas fires unguided rockets into civilian areas, making schoolchildren just as vulnerable as military assets. I condemn this willful disregard for innocent life, and we all should.
3. And Hamas uses their own children as political pawns, encouraging them to attend riots, hoping they are met with injury or even death. This is child abuse, and I condemn it. We all should.