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Friday, October 25, 2019

"Singing is against Islam" - 6 Iranian female singers lashed and Jailed

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Iran where seeing public execution is normal, but singing is forbidden.
Six female singers were each sentenced to one year in prison for ‘unauthorized audiovisual activities, collaboration in making music and images, and airing them on anti-regime satellite networks'.
Iran is the world’s biggest jailer of Innocent women including journalists, rape victims, women's rights activities and even artists, singers, dancers, etc.
There is no freedom for the women of Iran.
Iran’s regime holds the infamous record of the world’s top executioner per capita. It also ranks first for most number of juvenile executions in the world. Women are also victims of the death penalty in Iran, with at least nine women having been executed since mi-June alone.
Iranian prisons are full of innocent people like journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, artists, and simple women who refused to wear a veil.
This is how the terrorist regime brutally suppresses the freedom of the people of Iran.
The regime in Iran uses the death penalty as a tool to suppress and silence a disgruntled society the majority of whom live under the poverty line, are unemployed and deprived of freedom of speech.
Please share this post to raise awareness of the brutal persecution of human rights activists and their families in Iran.