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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Merkel’s gov’t defends Iran’s call to "wipe Israel off the map"

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has declared that Iran's call to obliterate the State of Israel is not an expression of antisemitism.
As you can see in the video below, over the last 40 years since the Islamic Revolution, Iranian rulers have been threatening to destroy Israel along with its entire Jewish population.
The Iranian terror regime uses Islam as a justification for religious war and terrorist financing throughout the Middle East.
The Iranian Regime is using proxies in Lebanon , Syria, Yemen and Iraq to destabilize the Middle East, one attack at a time.
Germany is now no longer safe for Jews.
After receiving millions of immigrants from the Middle East from countries where Jews are not allowed to exist. German Chancellor Angela Merkel refuses to take the most basic steps to ensure the safety of the Jewish community.