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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Iranian women's rights activist confronts Swedish MPs "Islam hates women... Islamophobia is not a problem"

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An Iranian-American human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, in a powerful speech in front of MPs and leaders in Sweden.
She is fed up with Western politicians who ignore human rights violations in the Muslim world under Sharia law for fear of damaging the image of Islam.
As you can see in the video below she reveals how the Iranian regime uses Islam and Sharia laws to brutally oppress women.
Masih Alinejad shared this video with the following description:
"...Some say our fight against compulsory hijab is causing 'Islamaphobia'.
Here is my answer to members of parliament & political leaders in Sweden. Women like me who grew up under Sharia laws know first hand about cruelty of these laws & have a right to be afraid of Sharia laws....:"
Iran has deployed 2,000 new morality police units in reaction to what officials call an “increasing defiance” of the compulsory wearing of hijabs. No one seems to care about the brutal violation of women's rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not even "feminists" in the West.
Fake feminists in the West normalizing the hijab, While Women in Iran discarded it in protest against actual oppression.
The American-Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, gives voice to the oppressed Iranian people. Please show the Iranian people that they are not alone by sharing the video down below!