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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Iran, where stoning is normal but Un-hijabed women are jailed and tortured

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An Iranian-American human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, Masih Alinejad, is the biggest nightmare of the regime in Iran.
She comes from a religious family in a small village. She has lived the war, sanctions & repression.
She's launched #WhiteWednesdays against compulsory hijab.
Fake feminists in the West normalizing the hijab, While Women in Iran discarded it in protest against actual oppression.
American-Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, gives voice to the oppressed Iranian people. Please show the Iranian people that they are not alone by sharing the video down below!
As you can see in the video below Iran was a very different place before the revolution.
This westerniation trend bothered the religious clerics who felt Iran was drifting away.
Today Iran is ruled by a brutal religious regime that enforces strict religious laws and violates women's rights and minority rights on a regular basis.