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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Iran: Huge crowds cheered watching public execution of innocent nurse after 3,063 days in prison

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The EU and the US failed to stop the Iranian terrorist regime from winning a top post on UN Women, the world agency for women’s equality and empowerment.
This post aims to raise awareness of the execution of innocent women in Iran so please share this post all over social media.
As you can hear in the video below the last words of a woman before hanging in Iran.
Khadijeh Shahla Jahed (10 May 1969 – 1 December 2010) was an Iranian nurse who was sentenced to death for her alleged involvement in the murder of an Iranian footballer's wife.
She denied any involvement in the murder. Surprisingly Jahed was tried and sentenced to death in June 2004. The footballer Mohammadkhani first faced charges of adultery. These were later dropped,
and he was sentenced to 74 lashes.
International human rights groups had campaigned for her release as she had already been jailed for more than eight years. One day prior to the execution, Amnesty International made a last-minute appeal for the execution to be halted, saying Jahed had not received a fair trial.
Jahed was executed on 1 December 2010 at 5am local time at the Evin prison, north of Tehran.The victim's brother was allowed to pull the stool from under her feet.
This is what justice under Sharia law looks like in Iran.
A woman is executed on false charges after 8 years in prison while the man who is more likely to commit the crime, receives only lashes.