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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Fearless Iranian woman removes hijab, tells Iran's Supreme Leader to shove it

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Iran's Ayatollah regime freaking out as Iranian women defy threat of decade-long jail sentence by flooding the Internet with photos of themselves without headscarves as an act of protest against the Islamic oppression of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The leader of the protest, Masih Alinejad, is the biggest nightmare of the regime in Iran.
She comes from a religious family in a small village. She has lived the war, sanctions & repression.
She's launched #WhiteWednesdays against compulsory hijab.
Please watch and share her speech (embedded below) in which she declares that the oppression of women in Iran cannot continue. Women have autonomy over their bodies and have the right to refuse to follow extreme Islamic dress code.
Please share this post if you agree with every word she said.