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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Crying Iranian girl beaten, pushed to the ground & arrested by policeman for not wearing a hijab

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A shocking video that went viral on social media shows an Iranian girl being attacked by a Sharia police officer for not wearing veil.
Under Iranian law, she faces 10 years in prison for sharing this video on social media.
The video (embedded below) was posted by Iranian-American women's rights activist Masih Alinejad with the following description:
"...Police brutality in Shahr Ray (Iran) against a teenager for not wearing hijab:
'Hi Masih.This girl was #WalkingUnveiled when a male officer warned her to stop, so that he could call female police officers for her arrest The girl resisted.We tried to help her, but we couldn’t.'
The terror regime in Iran arrests and imprisons women who dare to rebel against the strict religious laws.
No one seems to care about the brutal violation of women's rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not even "feminists" in the West.