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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Asian migrant in Britain harasses sleeping Jewish passenger on London train

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Nottingham Trent University has suspended a student after he posted a photo on Tinder of himself posing next to a sleeping Charedi man with a sticker of a Palestinian flag covering his mouth.
The "South Asian" Pakistani student in the UK, who is in his first year at the university, uploaded the image to his Tinder dating profile.
The influx of refugees and migrants in Europe in recent years has also given rise to numerous instances of anti-Semitism.
Europe is no longer a safe place for Jews.
It's deeply troubling that we've reached the point where Jews hide their identity in many parts of Europe including France, the UK and Germany and even flee Europe but no one in the Mainstream media seems to care.
The "Pro-Palestinian" trend among the leftists and Islamists in Europe constitute fertile ground for manifestations of anti-Semitism.
The persecution of Jews in Europe must be stopped!
People should not be afraid to talk about it!